Watercolour painting of a raccoon in the snow in a wooden frame, sitting on top of a side table

Racoon Watercolour Painting

I saw this lovely photo of a raccoon enjoying the falling snow and was desperate to paint him in watercolours. I loved experimenting with the bright colours in his fur and the texture of the snow flakes falling down. The interesting speckled effect I used to create the snow flakes was created by sprinkling salt onto wet paint. The salt particles seem to absorb all the pigment around it, creating this lush texture that I just love!

If you’re keen on this little chap, I’m selling printed cards of him on my online shop – he makes a lovely little greeting card at Christmas! 🙂 If you would like your own animal portrait or custom watercolour painting creating, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Either via the contact form below or send a message directly to my email at samanthathorleyart@hotmail.com


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