A painting of a children's book cover

Adventure Out At Sea | Children's Book Illustration

Oddly enough, this illustration was at the request of my husband as he wanted a cute nautical drawing for our bathroom and he had a few animals he wanted included in it – this was the result!

I have a little story in mind for these chaps which I haven’t written out in full but this is a little snippet:

…Barry the penguin had found a treasure map, sealed within a glass bottle. He told his friends excitedly about his mysterious new find and they too were as delighted as he was! Immediately they all agreed to help him search for the hidden treasure. Geoff volunteered to carry them across the ocean and Sid brought along his spy glass to help navigate the exciting voyage.

What wonderful secrets lay beneath the sand? Were they to find glistening mounds of jewels? Or maybe even a mountain of gold?! Who knew! But either way, they couldn’t wait to find out…

If you’d like a print of these cheeky chaps for your little ones bedroom wall, head on over to my Etsy page 🙂


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