Picture showing the Cath Carter logo design on a deep pink background
Picture showing elements of the Cath Carter brand - a phone showing the Cath Carter Instagram page with designed Instagram posts

Cath Carter | Brand Identity

Catherine approached me to help her redesign her ‘Cath Cater’ brand as her following and beauty product range offering had grown very quickly, and she needed a professional look that reflected the quality of her products and also matched her personality.

The Clematis flower has a significant meaning to her and so I wanted to try and bring this into the logo design and into elements of the brands patterns/textures. I created a simplified side on view of the Clematis flower which I then duplicated and flipped upside down, placing it slightly over the top of the tip of the first flower to create a ‘C’ and backwards ‘C’ shape to represent ‘Cath Carter’. Below are some alternative variations of the logo that can be used on pale and coloured backgrounds.

Picture showing the Cath Carter logo design in pink on a pale background
Image shows the Cath Carter logo in different formats in different colours with the brand's fonts below

Below are some pattern designs created for the brand. I used the Clematis flower to create some simple structured flower designs, as well as love heart patterns to be used throughout various brand collateral such a gift boxes, social media post design, product packaging etc.

Image showing a range of pattern designs for the Cath Carter brand
Image showing colour gradient combinations and icon designs for the Cath Carter Brand
Image showing two phones displaying the social media Instagram pages for the Cath Carter brand, with examples of designed posts
Image showing a mobile phone displaying the Facebook page of the Cath Carter Brand with brand collateral examples below with branded candles and a gift box design

Cath required two logos for sub brands that sat within the Cath Carter brand; NBS and Flocking Fabulous. The logos needed to have their own look but be similarly styled to link to the CC brand.

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