Image showing illustrated Christmas scene, with rows of shops and houses in a quintessential English village in the snow at night. In the foreground is a large Christmas tree with a Labrador dog, sitting in the foreground

Christmas Dog Pins | Packaging Design

Emma Wood, the founder of Sweet William Designs asked me to create a Christmas themed background for her new range of gorgeous dog pins to sit on. I was very excited to work on this as I’m a huge fan of SWD and love creating anything dog related! I styled a quintessential British village, set up for Christmas, with little shops and thatched houses in the background. It of course, needed a Christmas tree featured somewhere so I felt the best place to put this was just behind where the dog pins would be sitting.

On the back of the card, I created a slightly closer up image of rows of Christmassy pine trees with a snowman and dog in the foreground.

If you’d like to get your hands on these gorgeous dog pins (there are SO many breeds to choose from) visit Sweet William Designs.

Image shows a Christmas gift item - a dog pin sitting on a packaging background showing a Christmas scene
Image showing the front and back designs of a Christmas themed packaging design created for a series of Christmas dog pins for the Sweet William Designs brand

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