phone with social media posts with personalised dog portraits

Lottie James Art | Brand Identity

When Charlotte James approached me to help her brand her business, I was absolutely thrilled! Charlotte creates the most outstanding pet portraits and needed a bit of help with the overall look and styling to her business which I was very excited to help her with. She was keen to somehow, include her cute little collie dog, Dennis into her logo if possible. It was a lovely way to keep him present in her life even after he has gone, but it also gave an indication into the work that she did.

We started off by exploring a few initial rough concept ideas, and moved onto colour palette exploration once a design was finalised. Charlotte was keen on a more natural palette with brown included in the mix, so we explored options which complimented the coffee shade she was particularly drawn to. As Charlotte focused her spare time marketing herself on her social media platforms, she need assets which would perk up her posts and compliment the work she advertised. So I created her a series of abstract patterns which worked as background elements to gently support and uplift her work without distracting or drawing and attention away from the focal point which was more often than not, her beautiful portraits.

Logo design for Lottie James Art - with an icon of a dog and a star
Logo concepts for the Lottie James Brand on a green background
Logo concepts for the Lottie James Brand on a pink background
Logo concepts for the Lottie James Brand on a brown background
Logo design and colour palette for the Lottie James Art Brand
Texture and typography options for the Lottie James Art Brand
Social media designs for the Lottie James Art Brand

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