So How Will You Sleep?

I was thoroughly excited when Annabel Gardiner approached me to create the illustrations for her book ‘So How Will You Sleep?’. She had come across my ‘Cuddling Otter’s’ illustration and liked the natural approach I had taken with the textures and colour palette and wanted a similar styling for this book. We had a long discussion over the phone, chatting through each page of the book and the ideas she had prior to jotting any concepts down to establish the route we’d be taking going forward.

After we’d spoken about the project in depth over the phone and email, I started drawing out the rough outlines for each double page spread, planning out the scenes and how the illustrations would work alongside the verses. I made some adjustments in line with Annabel’s feedback and then moved onto the next step of looking at the colour palette and lighting I’d be using throughout the book. We wanted to keep the palette quite natural and calming, nothing too bright or exciting so as to soothe the children in readiness for bedtime.

Rough Storyboard Sketches of Childrens Book Story about Animals sleeping
Rough page outline illustration for childrens book of two otters sleeping on a river holding hands
Colour testing of otter illustration for childrens book

The final designs...

Once the outline designs and colour palette was approved, I got to work on the most exciting part – colouring in the final illustrations! I love this part as although you have a plan and can envisage how each scene will look, it’s so satisfying to physcially bring the final artwork and characters to life! The lighting really makes the scenes ‘pop’ and the whole story just feels more alive.

Group 2466@2x
Group 2467@2x
Group 2468@2x

Get your hands on a copy!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of the visuals from our book, and if you’d like to get a copy for your little one or as a gift for someone else, you can find our book here:


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