Painting of a bee on a bunch of daisy, sitting against a wooden wall with a potted cactus in front

Save The Bees | Watercolour Painting

I created this painting to try and raise a bit of money for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust – As I’m selling prints and greetings cards of this painting on my Etsy page, and a proportion of the profits go to this charity. They’re a great trust who are running a number of fantastic projects to help save the bumblebees.

The bees are in desperate need of our help. Right now, around 35 bee species are currently facing extinction. The three most significant threats to the bees are pesticides, the varroa mite and habitat loss.

We can all do our bit for the bees!

Read more about their work here:

Or donate directly here:

And if you’re able to, why not plant a few more flowers in your garden? Or let the wold flowers grow! And don’t use insecticides & pesticides in your garden where possible (ESPECIALLY those containing neonicotinoids) – It’s deadly to the bees and we desperately need them to thrive.

Watercolour painting of a bee on a bunch of daisies

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