howling wolf

Howling Wolf

“Howling Wolf” 10 x12″ print from my original ink and watercolour painting, available on Etsy at

This piece was an experiment between three different mediums; pen, ink and watercolour. I’ve always loved the way watercolour moves, the unpredictability of it makes for exciting creations but ink reacts differently in water to that of watercolour paints. It explodes in water more violently then watercolour and I wanted to capture this effect in my painting, along with the soft exploring nature of the paints. I saw a photo of a wolf calling where the condensation of his howl swirled in the air quite beautifully – I wanted to try and recreate this with the mix of mediums.


Autumn Hare Small

Autumn Hare

Commissioned watercolour painting.



I travelled to Venice a few years back and adored the beautiful views there! I had to make at least on painting – this one is painting with oils on a canvas.



magpie watercolour

The Old Man and the Magpie

'The Old Man and the Magpie' - short story.


What a blind man wouldn’t give to see one pretty bird, let alone two. A short story I wrote to remind myself to appreciate and to look at things a little differently from time to time.

The story is mostly true, the old man didn’t exist but I did have a frequent encounter with this one magpie, at a time when I really didn’t care to see him. One wasn’t enough for me to enjoy, I only cared to see two or none at all. In truth, the bird is a pretty gruesome bird in nature, but there was still a fair amount there to admire about it. The situation made me step back for a moment and gave me a much needed change of perspective.

I was spending a lot of time moping in heartache and it took me a while to appreciate that I had the pleasure of experiencing the euphoric bliss of falling in love in the first place. I of course, appreciated it at the time but this was soon forgotten when it fell apart.

I hope you enjoy this short story and if you need a bit of perspective like I did, I hope it helps!


Locked Trunks

‘Locked Trunks’ 10″x12″ print from original watercolour painting by Samantha Thorley on 300gsm acid free paper.

Custom sizes are available on request (2 weeks lead time required).



“Stag” 10 x12″ print from original watercolour painting.

Custom sizes are available on request (2 weeks lead time required).

Printed on 150gsm, off white smooth cartridge paper.

Bear Illustration

Bear on Mossy Rock

Bear Sitting

The featured illustration was a fun experiment in Adobe Photoshop with one of my original ink illustrations combined with watercolour paints and various textures.

Although I love my black and white illustration above, I wanted to see what the bear would look like infused with a palette of rainbow colours – I think it turned out pretty well! I’m a traditional artist at heart but Photoshop most definitely has it’s place and is great for making quirky alterations.

Print of both are available on my Etsy account: – thank you for viewing!


Watercolour landscape painting of Frensham, Surrey

Frensham, Surrey

Watercolour landscape painting of Frensham, Surrey.

Bump, by Spike Milligan. Short animation.

Bump, by Spike Milligan


‘Bump, by Spike Milligan’ is an animation made using Adobe After Effects, created to experiments with the use of text in animation. A very short but entertaining little animation aimed at children.

Tom, portrait in oil paints

Tom, portrait in oil paints

Large portrait in oil paints.

Portrait of Emily Dickinson

Portrait of Emily Dickinson

A quick Photoshop sketch of one of my favourite poets, Emily Dickinson.


Animation Showreel


My showreel of 2D and stop motion animated projects.

Gold Fish, Black Fish

A Dance between the Sun and the Stars

‘A Dance between the Sun and the Stars’ is a very small 6×4″ watercolour painting of two goldfish, gold & black whose bodies symbolise the never ending dance between the sun and stars. I created this little piece for ‘The Big Painting Challenge BBC1′. It began with a dance between two goldfish – a sort of ying and yang affair where their tails would connect and the colours would flow from one another. It felt right to develop their bodies into the nights sky and sunrise, the endless change of night and day; both very different yet very much the same.

Jack Russell in watercolour paints.

Phoebe, the Jack Russell

An 8′”x11″ watercolour painting of my aunty’s lovely dog, Phoebe – the Jack Russell.

Sloth Stop Motion Puppet

Sloth Puppet Walk Cycle


My first stop motion animation, experimenting with puppet design and simple movements.

Grizzly Bear Watercolour Painting

Grizzly Bear

Watercolour painting (12″x10″) of a lovely big Grizzly bear.

watercolour labrador

At the Beach

A commissioned piece.

I love painting dogs – especially when they’re as cute as this little pup. They’re definitely one of my favourite subjects to paint.

wolf illustration

The Wolf and his Moon

Portrait Scarborough Coast

Jim at Scarborough Coast

A commissioned piece of a dear gentleman who passed away a number of years ago. His son commissioned me to produce a painting of his father at one of his favourite locations in England as a gift to his mother. This was a lovely painting to make and remains one of my favourite pieces.

Portrait oil painting

Colette in oil paints

Commissioned piece named 'Colette' as a gift to the young girls family from the God mother. Portrait in oil on canvas.

Blue Dancer Portrait

Blue Dancer

Commissioned painting of a young dancer; 14"x18" oil on canvas. 

Baytree Mural

Baytree Owl and Wildlife Centre Mural

Baytree Mural

I completed a nature mural at the Baytree Owl and Wildlife Centre in Spalding to make the centre more appealing to children. The mural was situated in the 'Conservation Corner' at the entrance of the centre to help welcome and invite customers to begin learning about british wildlife.

I really enjoyed completing this project. Not only because I had the pleasure of exhibiting my artwork in a public place but it meant I was able to do what I love and help support wildlife which means a lot to me. The centre is run by a fantastic bunch of people who truly care about the animals they look after there, if you wish to see some of Britain's most beautiful owls, foxes and birds (and see a nice mural along the way!) be sure to drop by the centre: